Monday, December 6, 2010


This year I tried some new ways of decorating for Christmas. Since I am still looking for full-time work, I find it hard to spend money on new Christmas decorations. I am also striving to find new uses for old things. It has been fun and exciting to look at something that I have only looked at in one particular way for so long and try to find a new way of using it - such as Christmas decorations.

I put Christmas decorations in small vases I already had and added pine cones to give a rustic feel. I am all about the rule of three, so to make this centerpiece I placed three vases together in the middle of the table.

I hung handmade Christmas ornaments with our stockings. My Memere loved making Christmas decorations and I thought this was a nice way to display them. I strung the garland that would normally wrap around a tree along our mantel.

I bought some window suction cups to hang ornaments in the windows. Displayed here are some more handmade ornaments from my Memere along with ornaments given to me by my Grandma. I appreciate her idea of giving each of her grandchildren an ornament every year for Christmas since they were born.  She gets them engraved with our name and the year it was given to us. Now I have an ongoing collection of ornaments (so far, I have 28). All of my ornaments have sentimental value and when I look at them, it makes me think of my grandmothers, both strong, beautiful women who I look up to. So much more meaning to me than buying ornaments in a store. 

What are some of your Christmas traditions? What are some you would like to start?

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