Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meyer Ranch Park

My friend, Anne, had this great idea to hike one park a week. I have taken that idea and have been using my Hiking Colorado book to find some local hikes for myself and Taj. (Big thanks to my girl, Sharon and her husband, Brian for a great wedding gift!). I have been feeling sluggish and with the holidays in full effect, I need to stay active more than ever. The winter has been mild so far, so it's made it real easy to make it out into nature and enjoy what Colorado has to offer. 

Two weeks ago we hiked Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in Evergreen. I posted some pictures here.  We also hiked Chautauqua Park with my sister-in-law, Kate. Last week, Taj and I hiked Meyer Ranch Park, just north of Aspen Park.  It is a moderate 4.5 mile loop trail and near the top is a nice view of Mount Evans to the west. 

This historic Victorian house was built in about 1890. The Meyers moved here in about 1950 and still live there today. They once owned the land that is now the park. It was transferred to Jefferson County Open Space in 1987.

Back in the early to mid-1940s, a small ski area operated here. A horse-drawn sled carried people up to the ski run. A rope around a wheel powered by a Buick chassis towed people to the top (this information was taken from Hiking Colorado).

Aspens. I will have to come back in the fall to see the beautiful golden yellow.

Mount Evans


So far I have hiked new places, taken in a lot of fresh air, beautiful views, and have enjoyed the quiet peacefulness that is hiking with your dog in the woods. 

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