Sunday, July 10, 2011

The beginnings of Baby L's Room...

We are doing a water theme for Baby L's room. I was so excited when I found out I was preggers, I painted these immediately, back in February. I used the Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby for inspiration. I can't wait to hang them up on a brightly colored wall. 

Today Joe and I took a trip to Goodwill in Englewood on the slim chance that a bureau I spotted there two weeks ago was still there.  It was good deal, so of course, it wasn't there. I was bummed. On our way out, Joe and I checked out a changing table/dresser combo (say what!) that had yet to make it on the floor. We inquired about the price, figuring it was going to be at least $20. It had a bit of the trim missing from the larger portion of the dresser, but other than that, it was in great shape. The employee looks at us and says, "I'll give it to you for 8 bucks." We didn't even need to discuss it - SOLD! 

He helped us load it into the truck just as a tumultuous thunderstorm rolled in. I mean, we're talking thunder and lightning that made the ground shake and car alarms go off. We're riding high on our awesome deal, enjoying the lightning show, when five minutes away from home, the dresser tips over. This normally wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the drawer that was then knocked open by the fall and then out of the dresser by the impact on the side of the truck. There goes the drawer, in bits and pieces on the freeway. Ah, crap. 

No worries, my friends. Joe is becoming quite handy and used his skills to craft the missing drawer space into a shelf. He also covered up the missing trim by enlarging the table space. We discussed painting or staining the new portions of the changing table/dresser combo, however, no firm decision has been made. Here it is for your viewing pleasure!

I found this beautiful wooden blanket rack at the same Goodwill a couple weeks ago. Right now we're using it in the living room for our blankets. I haven't decided if it will go in Baby L's room or not. In any case, it was a great find :)

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  1. Love your thrifty finds! Can't wait to search for baby stuff one of these days :)