Friday, January 2, 2009

something new...

as the new year has arrived, i am thinking of my resolutions. in the past, my new year's resolution has always been "be happy and healthy", which is pretty general. this year i wanted to find things that are attainable and more specific. one of them is to create art. i have created some art off and on since graduating in 2003. i miss plymouth where i was surrounded by artists and art educators who understood passion for the arts (talking, creating, looking, everything art). i have found that not being in that environment i don't create as often as i used to, really ever. i truly miss it. having been teaching for the last three years, i found myself too exhausted mentally and physically to paint, draw, i am working and going to grad school full-time and still find myself too exhausted to create. life will not ever slow down, as i am finding. there will always be work, school, activities, social events, trips...if i truly want to create art again, i need to MAKE the time.
also, as writing has never been my forte, i still am deciding to get into this whole blogging thing. it's a creative outlet, even though i am not as comfortable with words as i am a pencil to draw. i have to get out of my comfort zone sometimes :)

so here is to new beginnings! cheers!

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