Wednesday, February 11, 2009

south mountain - jan 26

For the last few weeks, I've been getting out more and walking the fantastic trails the surrounding Phoenix area has to offer. You can't beat the weather here, so there isn't really any good excuse not to get outside and play :) A couple of weeks ago, I hiked around the South Mountain area. It is the nation's largest city parks at 16,500 acres (11 miles across). I haven't ridden my bike here yet - still a goal I have yet to achieve (I need more practice!). Joe was out riding his bike with a friend and I had some time to myself to take pictures and take in the beautiful day for a few hours.

A structure, not sure if it is actual ruins or not.

One of the many peaks in the South Mountain Preserve.
You can see the outline of another structure in the upper right.

Petroglyphs left by the Hohokam Indians on the trail. Faint, but they're there!

View of Phoenix.
While I know Phoenix, AZ, isn't the place for me permanently, I really appreciate it for its rare beauty. We have some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The desert has some of the craziest animals (javelinas, gila monsters, rattlesnakes , scorpions and black widows, just to name a few - and I've seen them all up close!). And there is a lot of history here, which I always enjoy learning about. Ah yes, and let's not forget October through April - perfect weather! :) If only there was an ocean nearby...


  1. 11 miles on bike YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! The weather sounds great but I know what you mean about the ocean.

  3. It's not the 11 miles that scares's the rocks, gravel, dirt and inclines that scare me! :)