Friday, January 15, 2010

Wedding Planning continued...

So I'm thinking orange dahlias. They are bright, beautiful and remind me of fall in New Hampshire, my favorite time of the year. To support a local grower, I want to make sure I purchase the flowers from one. The other colors I am thinking of are green, thinking of the natural green of the flower itself and blue, Joe's favorite color.
Here's what I am thinking for centerpieces:

I like the idea of using mismatching vases/containers. It adds variety and uniqueness to the centerpieces. I've never been a "matchy" kind of girl - I like randomness. Keeps people on their toes. I bought this little number at the Salvation Army for 50 cents - it happened to be 50% off everything in the store the day I popped in, so I got two vases for $1. Fantastic! I want to keep my eye out for mason jars and old tea tin containers, like these:

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