Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sunday afternoon I was able to spend some good quality time with Ryan and Mike at the Phoenix Hill Farm in Boscawen. I enjoy my visits with them because I always do something out of the ordinary for me since I've left the Granite State. Since moving to Arizona, I don't communicate with nature as much as I did when I lived in New Hampshire. I just love being surrounded by rich, green grass, vibrant colored plants and flowers and examining nature up close. So it's nice to come home because I tend to do that more, especially when I hang out with Ryan and Mike. This visit we walked across the street to a huge field filled with dandelions. We picked what felt like thousands of dandelions to later be made into dandelion wine - also known as "bottled sunshine".

After the harvesting commenced, Ryan and I took a stroll around the property. Ryan amazes me with her immense knowledge of plants (among other things). She knows what several plants are just by looking at them, and if she doesn't know, she takes a picture of it to find out about it later. The school of life at its best.

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